Subah Samajik Unnayan Sangstha (SSUS)

Name of Organization

Subah Samajik Unnayan Sangstha

 a) Year in Establishment

b) Year in Starting in Meherpur



a) Name of CEO & Designation

Md. Moin-ul-Alam

Executive Director

b) Contact person & designation (Within the Meherpur District)

1. Md. Hasanuzzaman Khan, Project Coordinator

2. Md. Mamunur Rashid Project Coordinator (VGD)

3. Md. Mizanur Rahman, Project Coordinator (ESP)

a)Address of Head office

Amjhupi Bazaar, Amjhupi-7101, District: Meherpur

b)Address of Local office

Amjhupi Bazaar, Amjhupi-7101, District: Meherpur

Telephone/Land phone


Mobile/ Cell

CEO: 01716 545461

Contact Person 1: 01711-440322

Contact Person 2: 01771-999838

Contact Person 3: 01714-443454





Registration no with

Registration Authority

Meher-73 -2001 Department of Social Welfare;

DSS/FDO/R-2112 – NGO Affairs Bureau;

Meher-34-2002 Department of Youth Development


Establishment and empowerment of the poor and the vulnerable rural people, especially the women and children in the society.


Establishment of the poor and vulnerable people, especially the women and children in the society by making them aware, capable, self-reliant, and self-initiators through building capacity, institutions, capital, utilization of local resources and imparting felt-need based problem solving programs involving necessary skilled, trained, experienced and qualified personnel.


·         To intensify the Community Development Support Services (CDSS)

·         To provide training, technical and financial supports to the local poor

or poorest

·         To cooperate with   the   similar   organization   through   networking channel.

·         To bring immense change of attitudes among the privileged society.

Ongoing Programme in Meherpur District

1.  Forestation for sustainable environment

2. Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Program

3. Education Stipend Assistance to Poor Students

3. Health, Nourishment and Population Control

4. Tobacco Control Law Implementation.

5. Non-Formal Primary Education Program.

6.  Prevention and Protection of Human trafficking in Bangladesh

Source of Fund

Local Donation, Foreign Donation, Membership Subscription, Service Charge, Income Generating Activities etc.

Regular staff


Working area in Meherpur District & Upazila

Maherpur Sadar , Gangni, & Mujibnagor.

@ Meherpur NGO Samity