01. Name of Organization


02. a) Year in Establishment

b) Year in Starting in Meherpur



03. a) Name of CEO & Designation

Anower Hossain, Chief Executive/General Secretary

03. b) Contact Person & Designation (Within the Meherpur District)

Md. Wazed Ali Khan, (Coordinator)

04. a) Address of Head Office

House # 15/9/E, Flat # D-3, Modhubagh, Moghbazar, Dhaka-1217

04. b) Address of Meherpur Office

SPD Complex, Mujibnagar, Meherpur-7102

05. Telephone/Land Phone


06. Mobile/Cell

01720-604260, 01552-329218 (Chief Executive)

01718-702412 (Coordinator)

07. E-mail

08. Website


09. Registration no with Reg. Authority

Registration No. Kushtia-222/1997 (Department of Social Welfare)

Registration No. FDR-1404/1999 (NGO Affairs Bureau)

10. Vision

Equal opportunities and rights for people with disabilities in the society.

11. Mission

Creating access to employment and income earning opportunities through their full inclusion into mainstream society and Strengthening links with and working in partnerships with other like- minded organizations for development of persons with disabilities.

12. Objective

To promote self-reliance and barrier free integration of people with disabilities into the mainstream of socio-economic and cultural life with dignity and opportunities of equal rights and participation.

Ø  To make positive changes in attitude and practices of the community towards persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Ø  To produce and disseminate necessary materials to increase positive awareness in the community, including PWDs.

Ø  To enable PWDs to become more active towards development through involving them in self-initiative efforts.

Ø  To conduct training on disability issues for the staff of the organization and for PWDs themselves.

Ø  To increase the occupational skills of PWDs and ensure their involvement in income-generating activities.

Ø  To ensure the participation of PWDs in sports, cultural and recreational activities.

Ø  To increase the organizational capacity of PWDs and achieve sustainability.

13. Ongoing Program in Meherpur District

Promotion of Human rights and persons with disabilities in Bangladesh through disability inclusion.

Area-1 : Geographical Coverage and baseline Information

Area-2 : Group  building  and  support  services (Savings, beneficiary training, etc).

Area-3 : Education (Home based education and Referral to mainstream education)

Area-4 : Vocational Skills Development and income generation.

Area-5 : Health care and Treatment Support

Area-6 : Therapeutic Services.

Area-7 : Sensitization on Disability Issues, networking and advocacy

14. Source of Fund

Local Donation

15. Regular Staff

Regular Staff-4, Project Staff- 4

16. Working Area in Meherpur District & Upazila

Meherpur Sadar & Mujibnagar Upozila Under Meherpur district.

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