Shandhani Shangstha

01. Name of Organization

Shandhani Shangstha

02. a) Year in Establishment

b) Year in Starting in Meherpur

a)  1989

b)  1989

03. a) Name of CEO & Designation

 Md.Abu Zafor

Executive Director

03. b) Contact Person & Designation         (Within the Meherpur Distract)

Md.Abu Zafor

Executive Director

04. a) Address of Head Office

Gangni,Meherpur,Post Code-7110

04. b) Address of Meherpur Office


05. Telephone/Land Phone


06. Mobile/Cell


07. E-mail,

08. Website

09. Registration no with Reg.Authority

Kushtia 114/92-Social service department

FD(V.A)796-N.G.O Bureau

JUA /M-67/2009-Juba Unnoyan Department

10. Vision


People will acquire such an education and health condition that will help them in production and livelihood socially and economically.

11. Mission

Through lasting programs in the target work arena by imparting quality education and health service we want to make a positive change of target people’s moral values and to help to lead a developed life.

12. Objective

The Development of Education, Health and socio-economic condition of every class of people of the society.

13. Ongoing Program in Meherpur District

Scholarship offering program, Sewing Program,SS Hospital & Diagnostic center, Shandhani school & college, Nutition & rehabilitation program, Poverty Alleviation Program, Shandhani information center, Karamdi Purbopara Primary School and Shandhani Nursing Institute.


14. Source of Fund

Local Donation, Foreign Donation, Membership Subscription, Service charge, Income Generating activities etc.

15. Regular Staff


16. Working Area in Meherpur District & Upazila

Gangni Upazilla

@ Meherpur NGO Samity