Janakallyan Sangstha (JKS)

Name of Organization

Janakallyan Sangstha (JKS)

 a) Year in Establishment

b) Year in Starting in Meherpur


a) Name of CEO & Designation

Mrs. Halima Hoque

Executive Director

b) Contact person & designation (Within the Meherpur District)

1. Md. Rafik, Assist. Director

2. Abdur Razzak, Project Co-ordinator

a)Address of Head office

Valaypur Moor, Alukdia, Chuadanga.

b)Address of Local office

Mukharjipara, Meherpur.

Telephone/Land phone


Mobile/ Cell

Contact Person-1: 01938-973995

Contact Person-2: 01722-590835





Registration no with

Registration Authority

Kushtia-110/83, Department of Social Welfare.

FD no.574/91, NGO Affairs Bureau.

FP-82/93, Department of Family Planning.

MRA.00663-02220-00408. Micro credit Regulatory Authority.


Improvement of public health situation and enhancement of standard of living of all including least advantaged Bangladeshi population.


JKS, a non-government and non-profit voluntary organization, strives to enhance empowerment, socio-economic status of all including least advantaged Bangladeshi population by developing their individual potentiality and to attain organizational self-reliance by promoting management capacity and mobilizing local resources in south-west region of Bangladesh.


To help improve education; To improve health & Sanitation of women and children; To alleviate poverty and improve socio-economic status; To  increase awareness on legal and human right issues; To establish women rights; And to ensure a healthy environment.

Ongoing Programme in Meherpur District

1. Awareness Program on Health,Sanitation and Family Planning

2.Micro Credit Programme;

3.Housing Programme.

Source of Fund

Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation, Ministry of Disaster Management & Relief (GoB), Commercial Banks, Service Charge Income, Infrastructure Development Company Ltd. (IDCOL)

 Source of Fund

 PKSF Fund, Service Charge, Income Generating Activities

Regular staff

HO management 11, Branch Manager  10, Assist. Accountant 14, Field organizer 56, support staff 24. Of  the staff  87 are male and 28 are female.

Working area in Meherpur District & Upazila

Gangni, Mujibnagor and Maherpur Sadar

@ Meherpur NGO Samity