Daridra Bimochon Shangstha (DBS)

01. Name of Organization

Daridra Bimochon Shangstha (DBS)

02. a) Year in Establishment

b) Year in Starting in Meherpur



03. a) Name of CEO & Designation

Md. Abu Jafor, Executive Dirtector

03. b) Contact Person & Designation  (Within the Meherpur Distract)

1. Md. Abu Jafor, Executive Dirtector

2. Md. Jalal Uddin, Co-ordinator

3. Md. Nasir Uddin, Chief Accountant

4. Md. Safiqul Islam, Officer  IT

04. a) Address of Head Office

Fulbagan Road, Mukharjee Para, P.O: Meherpur, Post Code- 7100, District: Meherpur

04. b) Address of Meherpur Office

Fulbagan Road, Mukharjee Para, P.O: Meherpur, Post Code- 7100, District: Meherpur

05. Telephone/Land Phone


06. Mobile/Cell

Contact Person 1: 01971-444555

Contact Person 2: 01708-435120

Contact Person 3: 01708-435121

Contact Person 3: 01708-435122

07. E-mail

Contact Person 1: dbsed.org@gmail.com

Contact Person 2: jalalccdbs@gmail.com

Contact Person 3: nasirdbs@gmail.com

Contact Person 3: safiqulislambijoy@gmail.com

08. Website


09. Registration no with Reg.Authority

GOB- Reg. # Kushtia-150/95 150/95 – Department of Social Welfare;

License No. 2674– NGO Affairs Bureau;

MRA- License No.00791-01632– Micro Credit Regulatory Authority;

TIN: 593565977684- National Revenue Board;

10. Vision


DBS wants to establish a Sustainable, Economically Independent, Environmentally sound, Agriculturally Developed, Co-operative and fair society in Bangladesh.

11. Mission

Since its very inception, it is contributing in the socio-economic development through various activities such as- Credit facilities, Awareness Building Among Beneficiaries, Relief and Rehabilitation, Maternal And Child Care Health, Child Education, Combat Woman & Child Trafficking, Prevention of Blindness, Growing Vegetables in Beneficiaries own yard, Awareness Building on the Violence Of HIV/STD/AIDS, Research and Survey on social Development issues etc. Mainly the Women and the Children are beneficiaries of these programs. DBS beliefs that if we first develop the skill it will then be able to change the whole scenario of the society. That is why DBS will move towards a vertical expansion of its programs. To reach to the destination the organizational strategies have designed accordingly.

12. Objective

Beside a general Objective DBS have some specific objectives. They are as follows-

Ø  Creating awareness among the beneficiaries and organize groups with strong cohesion to undertake measure for socio-economic development.

Ø  Stimulation and promotion of development of the rural poor masses through small-scale income generation activities.

Ø  Conducting functional literacy school for the adults and feeder school for the poor non-school going children.

Ø Empowerment and creation of opportunities for preventive, curative and nutritional health facilities for the rural people.

Ø Promotion of agricultural production.

Ø Raise vegetable consumption habit among people.

Ø Train people to use low cost technology in growing vegetable.

Ø Prevention of blindness.

Ø Helping the disabled people to be self-sufficient.

Ø Awareness building about safety and healthy behavior

Ø Create awareness and protect people from risky health issues.

Ø Building up awareness of population problems in the country.

Ø Providing credit facilities for income generation.

Ø Creating job opportunities in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, handicrafts etc.

13. Ongoing Program in Meherpur      District

1.      DBS Community Hospital:

·         General Health Services

·         Lab Services

·         Diagnostics Services

2.      Employment Creation Project (Micro Finance):

·         Group Formation

·         Savings Collection

·         Loan Distribution

·         Social Awareness

3.      Agriculture & Livestock Development Program:

·         Agriculture

·         Fisheries

·         Livestock

4.      Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacity of Poor Households Towards Elimination of their Poverty (ENRICH):

·         Health Services

·         Education

·         Enrich Center Establish

·         Beggars Rehabilitation

·         Youth Development

·         Culvert Construction

·         Latrine Establish

·         Tub-well Establish

·         Homestead Gardening

14. Source of Fund

Local Donation, PKSF, AQDP, Service Charge, Income Generating Activities etc.

15. Regular Staff

6 top management, 4 mid-level management, 61 program, 133 field and 13 support staff. Of the staff, 18 are female and 199 male. DBS also has 60 female volunteers.

16. Working Area in Meherpur District & Upazila

Gangni, Mujibnagor and Maherpur Sadar

@ Meherpur NGO Samity