01. Name of Organization

Centre for Development and Peace (CDP)

02. a) Year in Establishment

b) Year in Starting in Meherpur



03. a) Name of CEO & Designation

Tripty Kana Biswas & Executive Director


03. b) Contact Person & Designation         (Within the Meherpur Distract)

John Provanjan Biswas, Director-Program

Ms. Fatema Khatun, Incharge – Meherpur

04. a) Address of Head Office

Mujibnagor Road, Bamonpara

Meherpur, Bangladesh

04. b) Address of Meherpur Office

Mujibnagor Road, Bamonpara

Meherpur -7100, Bangladesh

05. Telephone/Land Phone


06. Mobile/Cell

CEO 01715-032787

Contact Person: 01728776472

Contact Person: 01749054762

07. E-mail & &

08. Website

09. Registration no with Reg .Authority

1. DSW/Meher -59

2. NGO Affairs Bureau – 2519

3. DWA/Meher – 36

4. DYD/Meher – 80

5. Micro Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA) -1695(12)

6. PADOR) – European Commission – 2610078360

7. DUNS, US State Department -731564923

8. SAM, US State Department

10. Vision


“The vision of the Centre for Development and Peace (CDP) predicts a just and compassionate society, where people live in peace, with dignity and good relationship with all”

11. Mission

“The mission of the Centre for Development and Peace (CDP) is inculcated to work on the basis of multi faith principles, to create a society where the poor, marginalized, vulnerable and minority community people can claim and enjoy their rights and look for justice for a sustainable livelihood.”

12. Objective

1.       To raise awareness about human rights covering reproductive health rights, social and political rights among the under privileged groups, specially person with disability, ethnic and religious minority.

2.       To provide training on gender and women empowerment for capacity building.

3.       To extend financial and adaptive technological support to the poor communities with special attention to women and climate vulnerable for generating income and alternative livelihood options for their living standard as well as poverty reduction.

4.       To develop capacity through ensuring non-formal primary education, pre-school, adult literacy, quality education, Technical Education, Information and Communication Technology.

5.       To provide health, WASH and nutritional facilities to the under privileged communities as well as to make linkage them with service providers.

6.       To develop economic empowerment through entrepreneurship, market linkage, value chain considering climate vulnerability.

7.       To mobilize community people through popular theatre and cultural activities in folk and traditional culture for social political and religious harmony.

8.       To raise awareness on social issues especially STI, HIV/AIDS, drug water borne and infectious diseases.

9.       To campaign against gender based violence especially acid throwing, rape, sexual harassment, child marriage, domestic violence, trafficking ,safe migration and to create a social protection mechanism.

10.   To deliver humanitarian services during disaster with an emergency response and rehabilitation as well as to emphasize DRR approach for sustainable development.

11.   To make policy advocacy at different stages on national and global issues like globalization, climate change and economic justice and its adverse effect on social and economical state.

13. Ongoing Program in Meherpur District

1. Vulnerable Group Development Programme (VGD)

2. Working Lactating Mother Assistance Programme

3. Employment Generation Programme

4. Eco-Friendly Handicraft Programme

5. Human Trafficking Prevention Programme

6. HIV & AIDS Awareness Programme

7. Water, Health & Sanitation Programme

14. Source of Fund

Local Donation, Foreign Donation, Membership Subscription, Service Charge, Income Generating Activities etc.

15. Regular Staff

3 top management, 1 mid-level management, 4 program, 1 admin support staff. CDP has 50 female 20 male volunteers.

16. Working Area in Meherpur District &Upazila

Meherpur Sador, Gangni and Mujibnagor Upazila under Meherpur district

@ Meherpur NGO Samity