a) Year in Establishment

b) Year in Starting in Meherpur



a) Name of CEO & Designation Abu Abid

Executive Director

b) Contact person & designation (Within the Meherpur District) Abu Abid

Executive Director

a)Address of Head office Amjhupi Bazar , post office – Amjhupi code No -7101 Upazila –Mdherpur sadar , District – Meherpur  . Banglsdesh  .
b)Address of Local office Amjhupi Bazar , post office – Amjhupi code No -7101 Upazila –Mdherpur sadar , District – Meherpur  . Banglsdesh  .
Mobile/ Cell 01733-928545
e-mail sphrbd   ,
Registration no with

Registration Authority

09, Depart of Social Welfare  office  in Meherpur

1765, NGO Affairs bureaw . Dhaka


Vision To help establishment of  human rights irrespective of sex ,cast , class or creed .
Mission To establish justice and rule of law and human dignity.
Objective (a)To Make the local back ward people aware of their fundamental as well as human rights and to

provide assistance if  necessary .

(b)  To devalop their conscious, awareness , self- respect and self confidence to make them fit for their

desired change  troughts motivation ,mediation and training etc .

(c) To organize the target groups towards building their own organizational bases to  develop their

individuals in their collective capacity .

(d)  To rehabilate the disabled of the society thought appropriate support and service .

(e)  To  help the disadvantaged children to shape their future .

(f)  To make the  illiterate young adult, women and children literate through operating Non- formal

education centre  .

(g)  To ensure basic health service for the target women and children to improve their health condition  .

(h)  To provide techincal , micro -credit and micro -finance support to the poor and poorest  group

members for  undertaking income generating activities .

(i)To empower human rights defenders at risk

Ongoing Programme in Meherpur District  

SANJOG –II  , Building linkages and local capacities on poverty  reduction, education,    empowerment and  and   rehabilitation  of children  Vulnerable  to , or survivors of     trafficking  and sexual Exploitation in BANGLADESH, VGD Program

Source of Fund Rights Jessore, Department of Women and Children Affairs
Regular staff 6
Working area in Meherpur District & Upazila Maherpur Sadar Upazila