01. Name of Organization

Palashipara Samaj Kallayan Samity (PSKS)
02. a) Year in Establishment

b) Year in Starting in Meherpur



03. a) Name of CEO & Designation Md. Mosharrof Hossain, Executive Director

03. b) Contact Person & Designation (Within the Meherpur District)

1. Md. Saiful Islam, Project Coordinator

2. Mostafa Qumrul Hassan, Project Director, NHSDP

3. Md. Kamrul Alam, Project Coordinator, ECP (Micro Finance)

4. Sunil Kumar Roy, Project Director, ICDP-SJ

04. a) Address of Head Office Banshbaria, P.O: Gangni, Post Code- 7110, District: Meherpur
04. b) Address of Meherpur Office Banshbaria, P.O: Gangni, Post Code- 7110, District: Meherpur
05. Telephone/Land Phone +88-07922-75046


06. Mobile/Cell

CEO: 01711-218819,

Contact Person 1: 01753-050740

Contact Person 2: 01713-255150

Contact Person 3: 01712-279467

Contact Person 3: 01725-500246



07. E-mail


Contact Person 1:

Contact Person 2:

Contact Person 3:

Contact Person 3:

08. Website




09. Registration no with Reg.Authority

Kushtia-60/76 – Department of Social Welfare;

FP/KST/78/1349 (32) – Department  of Family Planning;

DSS/FDO/R-157 – NGO Affairs Bureau;

MRA-03164-00606-00069 – Micro Credit Regulatory Authority;

DYD/Meher-64/2009 – Department of Youth Development;

TIN: 412-400-0131 – National Revenue Board;

VAT: 4071038511 – National Revenue Board;

P.F-1/Anu/Aa:Sa:/2013-2014/804- National Revenue Board.


10. Vision


Improvement of public health situation and enhancement of standard of living of all including least advantaged Bangladeshi population.


11. Mission

PSKS, a non-government and non-profit voluntary organization, strives to enhance empowerment, socio-economic status of all including least advantaged Bangladeshi population by developing their individual potentiality and to attain organizational self-reliance by promoting management capacity and mobilizing local resources in south-west region of Bangladesh.

12. Objective

To help improve education; To improve health & Sanitation of women and children; To alleviate poverty and improve socio-economic status; To  increase awareness on legal and human right issues; To establish women rights; And to ensure a healthy environment.

13. Ongoing Program in Meherpur      District

1.      NGO Health Services Delivery Project (Health & Family Planning):

·         Reproductive Health Care (Family Planning Services)

·         Child Health Care

·         Maternal Health Care

·         General Health Services

·         Safe Delivery Services

·         Lab Services

·         Ambulance Services

·         Pharmacy

·         Behavior Change Communication (BCC)

2.      Employment Creation Project (Micro Finance):

·         Group Formation

·         Savings Collection

·         Loan Distribution

·         Social Awareness

3.      Agriculture & Livestock Development Program:

·         Agriculture

·         Fisheries

·         Livestock

4.      Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacity of Poor Households Towards Elimination of their Poverty (ENRICH):

·         Health Services

·         Education

·         Community Center Establishing

·         Beggars Rehabilitation

·         Culvert Construction

·         Latrine Establishing

·         Tub-well Establishing

5.      Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Project:

·         Dispute Resolution (Mediation)

·         Mediation Training

6.      Strengthening Civic Engagement in Elections and Political     

Processes for Enhanced Transparency and Democratic 

Accountability Project (Election Program):

·         Voter List Audit

·         Election Day Observation

·         Civic Education

7.      Integrated Child Development Project – Shishuder Jonno


·         Pregnancy to 3 years aged (Early Stimulation)

·         Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD)

·         Basic Education (BE)

·         Information, Communication and Technology(ICT) in Primary Education

·         School Health and Nutrition

·         Adolescent Development (AD)

·         Child Protection (CP)

·         Child Rights Governance (CRG)

·         Community Mobilization (CM)

8.      Integrated Community Based Arsenic Mitigation Project:

·         Community Group Meetings

·         Health Camp

9.      Human Trafficking Prevention Program:

·         Community Group Meeting


10.    Library Program:

·         Indoor Service

·         Outdoor Service

11.    Sustainability Program:

·         Office building

·         Land

·         Husking Mill


14. Source of Fund

Local Donation, Foreign Donation, Membership Subscription, Service Charge, Income Generating Activities etc.

15. Regular Staff

8 top management, 19 mid-level management, 87 program, 86 field and 61 support staff. Of the staff, 124 are female and 137 male. PSKS also has 132 female 8 male volunteers.
16. Working Area in Meherpur District & Upazila Gangni, Mujibnagor and Maherpur Sadar