01. Name of Organization Manab Unnayan Kendra (MUK)
02. a) Year in Establishment

b) Year in Starting in Meherpur



03. a) Name of CEO & Designation Asaduzzaman Selim, Chief Executive
03. b) Contact Person & Designation         (Within the Meherpur Distract) 1. Asaduzzaman Selim, Chief Executive, Mobile: 01733-223299

2. Dipendra Sarkar, Project  Coordination, Mobile: 01716-800586

3. Nasira Akhtar, Program Manager, Mobile: 01733-223206

04. a) Address of Head Office Hat road, Amjhupi, Meherpur
04. b) Address of Meherpur Office MUK Point, Amjhupi, Meherpur
05. Telephone/Land Phone 0791-62424, 0791-63098
06. Mobile/Cell 01711-397142
07. E-mail
08. Website
09. Registration no with Reg.Authority FDR/1985- NGO Affairs Bureau

Kushtia-223/97- Directorate of Social Welfare

MRA- 04615-00668-00686- Micro Credit Regulatory Authority

S-8744(765)- Joint Stock Companies

JUBO/Meher/12- Directorate of Youth Development

TIN: 474025953113- National Revenue Board

VAT: 14191010745- National Revenue Board

10. Vision


Equity based democratic, poverty free, enhances the productivity of agriculture, sustainable society, which respect to human rights, mainstreams gender equality, and ensures social justice through good governance and sustainable development.
11. Mission To achieve the rights of marginalized, disadvantaged, & vulnerable people particularly women and children from across the society by establishing democratic principles, rule of law and gender justice through good governance and to enhance the productivity of agriculture and animal husbandry.
12. Objective ·  To enhance women’s socio-economic empowerment.

·  To enhance the productivity of agriculture (crops, livestock and fisheries)

·  To ensure woman’s good health, protecting deforestation and air pollution.

·  Integrate the grassroots voices against human rights violations of women & children

·  Capacity building of Local Government and ensure women participation.

·  Raising voices against domestic violence at Community level

·  To build awareness on human trafficking among the mass people.

·  Increase public awareness & capacity building to protect children from sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking

·  Provide education to non-schooling, dropped out children and children in disadvantage and vulnerable condition

·  Empower the children and adolescents [socio-culturally and economically] to protect them from hazardous work, street situation, bonded labour, forced migration, and trafficking and child labour

·  To ensure health care childhood of a child and mother,

·  Promote children and youths’ participation as change makers to combat gender based violence, sexual abuse, exploitation and human trafficking

·  Promote micro entrepreneurship of marginalized and poor to reduce poverty and ensure food security

·  Community capacity to adopt & fight adverse affect by climate change

·  Introduce a Human Resource Development Framework

·  Ensuring safe water and improved sanitation facilities for the underprivileged.

13. Ongoing Program in Meherpur District 1.    Micro Credit Program,

2.    Solution of Family Disputes and Legal Aid Support Program

3.    Conduct Formal and Non-formal Education Centers

4.    Community Education Watch Group (Prottyasha Project)

5.    Improved Cook Stove Project

6.    Agricultural Development Project/Agricultural Value Chain Project

7.    Disabled Development and Rehabilitation Project

8.    Mother, Health and Nutrition Project

9.    Women and Child Rights Advocacy Program

10.   WATSAN and Arsenic Mitigation Program

11.   Human Trafficking Prevention Project

12.   Formation of Jana Shamabay Samitiand Supply Chain Project.

14. Source of Fund Government Donation, Local Donation, Foreign Donation, Membership Subscription, Service Charge, Income Generating Activities etc.
15. Regular Staff 51 Regular and 13 Voluntary Staffs
16. Working Area in Meherpur District & Upazila Meherpur Sadar, Gangni and Mujibnagar Upazila of Mehepur District.

3 Upazilas and 18 Unions