01. Name of Organization Meherpur Foundation
02. a) Year in Establishment

b) Year in Starting in Meherpur



03. a) Name of CEO & Designation Aliza Laizu , Executive Director
03. b) Contact Person & Designation         (Within the Meherpur Distract) Aliza Laizu , Executive Director
04. a) Address of Head Office College Road, Meherpur-7100
04. b) Address of Meherpur Office College Road, Meherpur-7100
05. Telephone/Land Phone
06. Mobile/Cell Contact Person: 01711-369428
07. E-mail Contact Person:
08. Website Not Available
09. Registration no with Reg. Authority (a)Dept. of Social Welfare: Meher 127/03, Date: 07-01-2003

(b) NGO Affairs Bureau  2220, Date:04.04.2007

10. Vision


Meherpur Foundation envisions a society without poverty where everyone’s basic needs and rights are ensured.


11. Mission Meherpur Foundation exists to participate with the poor and vulnerable population with a commitment to bring about their own and society’s sustainable development.
12. Objective In achieving the above objectives, Meherpur Foundation has clearly formulated certain strategies & principles that are operational through some programs.

·       Institutional development & democratization;

·       Human resource development;

·       Structural poverty alleviation;

·       Environmental protection & regeneration;

·       Improvement of gender equality;

·       Participatory development research;


13. Ongoing Program in Meherpur      District Education, HIV/AIDS Awareness
14. Source of Fund Own Fund


15. Regular Staff 06 (Six)
16. Working Area in Meherpur District & Upazila District: Meherpur,Upazila:Meherpur Sadar .